Eric Trump Humiliates Himself (Again) When He Tries to Explain US/Russia Foreign Policy and Social Media Can’t Stop Laughing


It is a very dicey time to be a MAGA right now, given that the 21st Century’s biggest monster is now Vladimir Putin and not Bin Laden, especially given that the entire MAGA movement is so tied to Russia that it is painfully obvious to the entire world. Russian state-sponsored television openly states that they yearn for “their Donald” back and Tucker Carlson is replayed as propaganda.

We take it as “Just how it is” because we’re so numb to our entire nation being upended, but if one stops for just a moment and realizes that our former president was and is in bed with Putin, it shakes you to the core. Whether he is “controlled” by Putin or not, one can argue (I believe so). But what cannot be argued is that Trump won’t cross Putin, not as president nor as ex-president. Show us a statement where Trump forcefully denounces the “slaughter of innocent lives” as a war crime. No, at most, Trump has said Putin made a “mistake,” which is the first step to normalization.

Meanwhile, Biden has reunited and reinvigorated NATO because NATO trusts the Biden administration. They may not trust the United States yet, given our situation, but they trust Biden enough for now that NATO has rallied together, has new nations joining, and slammed life-sucking sanctions on Russia.

Enter Eric. The “dumb one.” But don’t attach too much to that title. We’re splitting atoms at that point.

Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin at a joint press conference after their July 16, 2018, summit in Helsinki, Finland. Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

No one can know why Eric is given an audience about anything. (Cult, follows “Trump” as royalty). And, truly, only the Trump family can be so arrogant as to believe that an idiot business son with no experience is qualified to discuss foreign relations. But Eric wants us to know that the Obama administration sent the Ukrainians “blankets.” This is, of course, absurd. It means that the CONGRESS in cooperation with the Obama administration, sent millions and millions of dollars of aid, be it in cash, food, whatever, stopping short of armaments in an attempt to not increase tensions AND because Ukraine was governed by a far more corrupt Putin-plant at the time and was not about it to give that government weapons.

As the threat to Ukraine grew through the Trump administration, Congress passed aid to send missiles and money. Trump, if you recall, held up delivery of the missiles for months, even though Ukraine was desperate under new President Zelensky, who was immediately under threat. Eric brags that Trump sent Ukraine missiles and that Putin liked my dad. 

Bragging that this hideous monster “liked your dad” and tying it to missiles that Trump held up because he wanted a favor to destroy Biden (which Putin would like, for sure), is an absolutely insane thing to say. Additionally, had it been up to Trump alone, they would never have gotten the missiles.

It’s important to note that Trump still hasn’t come out with a firm repudiation of what Putin has done, and continues to do.

Eric then goes on to brag that his dad kept “peace through strength.” Actually, Eric, it was peace through weakness. Trump was already actively trying to destroy NATO and there was no way Putin was going to do a thing to get in the way of that. Only when Putin no longer had his puppet installed did Putin attack and, Eric, if you haven’t noticed, Putin not only didn’t overrun Ukraine in a month (as we were told would happen) but we even reopened our embassy in Kyiv because Ukraine is holding itself together.

As Ron says, this might be the “most Eric Trump statement” in history:

“Most Eric Trumpian clip of all time.” Perfect.

Hang on. Ivanka is not much better, at all. Tiffany might have a brain. Barron is on a milk carton.

“Most Eric Trumpian statement of all time.” Putin liked his dad and that’s a good thing, to Eric.


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