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Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Bill Gates Wants To Control People With Monkeypox and Force Them To Drink ‘Poop Water’


— from Alternet

United States Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) drummed up a new conspiracy theory on Friday that Microsoft founder Bill Gates is behind the growing monkeypox outbreak and that he wants to control the population by forcing people to drink “poop water.”

Greene’s infamy is rooted in her claim that wildfires are triggered by Jewish space lasers, her opposition to COVID-19 inoculations, in voting against a bill to help American families access baby formula amidst a supply shortage brought on by contaminations at processing plants, and her participation in the January 6th, 2021 Capitol insurrection. Misspelled text messages that she sent following the attack have earned her the nickname “Marshall Law Marge.”

Greene has cultivated a concurrent reputation for being sympathetic to Russian President Vladimir Putin, having voted against authorizing critical military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine, whom she has encouraged to surrender to Putin’s genocidal occupying forces.

Never shy about upping her game, Greene went all-in on Gates, whose post-corporate career has been dedicated to fighting diseases and expanding human rights around the globe. Gates has also been a leader in vaccine development and has issued numerous warnings about future pandemics arising from humanity’s relentless assaults on Earth’s biosphere.

But for Greene, and many within the right-wing, Gates is a liberal boogeyman lusting after power.

“Why is Bill Gates running everything?” Greene wondered.

“Bill Gates, I want to remind everyone, wants to grow fake meat in a Petri dish and he wants us to drink poop water,” she said. “So I don’t know why we’re letting him control our health decisions,” the government-mandated forced birth advocate complained.

Gates “is very concerned about monkeypox, because this is something apparently he can make a lot of money off of and him and his other buddies,” she alleged, adding that she believes that the first patient in Massachusetts who contracted the virus became infected in Canada (two cases have been confirmed there and in the US).

Greene offered no evidence to substantiate that hypothesis.

Continuing on, Greene said that the unexplained worldwide flare-up is “terrifying” because of the “nasty, horrible, big bubbles of pus on your skin” that are caused by the pathogen. That statement is actually true. Monkeypox symptoms include fever, headaches, fatigue, aches, rash, and, eventually, large squishy blisters.

“I mean, clearly, nobody wants this,” she said of the disease. She complained that the media is showing images of afflicted children covered in postules, and then rambled about masks and individuals clinging to pillows embroidered with images of Dr. Anthony Fauci and Gates.

“You should have a body pillow of Bill Gates and you can cuddle with it every night,” Greene added, “because Bill Gates is gonna save the day.”

Watch below via Ron Filipkowski:


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