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People are Genuinely Worried — Relapse?


The one constant that this website has pounded upon relentlessly and will never give in upon is that we take addiction as a disease that, left untreated, is fatal in the vast majority of cases. It doesn’t matter if it is Don Jr. that is so dangerous as a fire starting MAGA while also so clueless as to be entertaining. We genuinely hope that he seeks help because something is wrong, though we won’t say we “know” the exact problem, we only know something is wrong.

Additionally, though we’ve torn Mike Lindell from limb to limb for the damage he has done to faith in our elections, while also mocking the fact that he’s now gone from making money off a fairly obvious gimmick (and he made a lot) to now making money being the center of attention.

But we have constantly noted that it was ironic and tragic because no matter how goofy or insufferable Lindell could be pushing his religious beliefs, he truly had a beautiful and remarkable story and truly did spend A LOT of money to help other addicts. It would be an utter tragedy if something about the limelight, the lack of structure, something, gets to him (or already has) and he falls down, hard.

Mike Lindell has been at rock bottom, and it’s actually a refreshing story to see how successful he became. It would be a shame if he relapsed due to the stress of his obsession with Trump.

It could cause some people to lose faith that it’s possible to live with addiction (no one has ever “defeated it,” you just live life differently, more fully) and recover. Thus, this video has liberals on the net genuinely concerned because it does seem as though something is very wrong with Lindell. Additionally, Ron Filipkowski, the person in charge of this Twitter account (with a massive following) has watched Lindell and when he says there is something wrong, there’s something wrong.

People on Twitter were genuinely concerned, with a few throwing in some mean jokes as well, since it is Twitter after all:

Lindell went from the very bottom, being addicting to drugs and in jail, to the owner of a successful multi-million dollar company, who hangs out with presidents. Let’s hope he’s remained sober.

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