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Questions About Madison Cawthorn’s Ex-Wife Still Linger and People Still Have Questions About Their Russia Connection


Now that Madison Cawthorn is headed out of the U.S. House of Representatives, he remains a threat from the peanut gallery, calling on the underground Nazi movement that calls itself “Dark MAGA” but is nothing but Nazism to rise up and fight the globalists. He will be watched closely as he embraces more and more conspiracy theories.

But speaking of conspiracies, there is one more thing that really needs to be tied up and that is the questions surrounding Cawthorn’s now ex-wife and their marriage, who Cawthorn met with a strange intermediary that involved Russia, as seen below. From Salon:

Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) did an interview with the Daily Caller ahead of his wedding describing the way that he met his wife after a trip to Stockholm, which ended up with him visiting a casino in Russia.

According to Cawthorn, the traveling group he was with took a ferry to St. Petersburg to gamble. That’s when he met a new friend, an Army captain from Miami. Arriving back in the U.S., the captain, whose name is “Todd,” lied to Cawthorn to get him to come to a fake Crossfit competition in Miami. When Cawthorn got there, all he found was a girl that “Captain Todd” wanted Cawthorn to meet. She ultimately became Cawthorn’s wife, but the couple announced they’ll divorce after just 8 months together.

Because of the strange circumstances, many people believed a conspiracy theory that Cawthorn’s ex-wife was a Russian honeypot.

Former Pennsylvania congressional candidate and DNC member Lindy Li noted that she searched for a legal casino in St. Petersburg that Cawthorn and his group may have gone to. She found one, but it was about 1,000 miles away from the city. Gambling isn’t allowed in St. Petersburg or in Moscow. It’s only legal in four areas: the Altai, Krasnodar, Kaliningrad, and Primorsky regions. It’s been that way for a full decade prior to Cawthorn’s trip. Her facts are true and can be backed up by Google map searches and the New York Times. If Cawthorn went to a casino, it certainly wasn’t legal.

Cawthorn’s wife is Cristina Bayardelle, who is from Miami. BUT, if you replace “Captain Todd” in the above story (because an American officer is going to be hanging out in an illegal St. Petersberg casino, at best?), with “Comrade Nico” or something Russian, the story takes an ugly turn. We never did learn this “Captain Todd’s” name or whether he ever existed. IF there is an American “Captain Todd,” his presence in a likely illegal Russian casino (mob-run) would definitely be an issue. It is also an issue if someone is paid Cristina to get involved with Madison.

Madison Cawthorn Wedding, On April 3rd of 2014 my life changed. A car accident put me in a wheelchair. On April 3rd of 2021 my life has once again changed. Marrying Cristina Bayardelle, now Cristina Cawthorn is the greatest honor, privilege, and adventure of my life. Trust in God. He moves Mountains! Credit: Sambuaim/

This is so much more serious than it would seem. Madison was expected to be an up-and-coming noisemaker, another Matt Gaetz, and was certainly doing his duty as a Putin mouthpiece. One would think that we would be entitled to answers. After all, the former head of counter-intelligence for the FBI wanted answers upon hearing the story:

So do we. And just because Madison has been voted out does not vitiate those questions. We already know that South Florida is crawling with Russian intelligence and was long before Trump became president.

Meanwhile, don’t worry too much about Cristina, she seems to be doing quite well, thank you.

She sure looks happy. She also looks exactly what one would expect of someone meant to be just too irresistible to not fall into immediate love, as they did… according to Cawthorn, speaking about an eight-month marriage. It all screams “We need a rational explanation” from the notorious liar.


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