Steve Schmidt Says ‘Venomous and Dangerous’ Rupert Murdoch Should Be Stripped of His Citizenship and Deported


Steve Schmidt, co-founder of The Lincoln Project and a former GOP strategist apparently has no great love for Rupert Murdoch and wants to see the 91-year-old media mogul stripped of his U.S. citizenship and is describing him as “the most venomous and most dangerous foreigner to ever arrive on American soil,” Raw Story reports.

News Corp. is Murdoch’s baby and it’s an enormous multi-national conglomerate in the U.S. and it owns Fox News, The New York Post, the Wall Street Journal, book publisher HarperCollins, and weirdly,

Fox News, however, is what draws Schmidt’s ire.

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“The January 6 committee will prove a massive conspiracy,” he tweeted Tuesday evening. “That conspiracy will likely involve @foxnews hosts and personalities. @rupertmurdoch is responsible for what happens on @foxnews, which has long claimed in federal court that is not news but entertainment.”

Schmidt also lashed out at Murdoch and the birther movement, something that Fox News continually exaggerated. Schmidt noted Murdoch “is not a Birthright Citizen like @Barack Obama. He is a Naturalized Citizen. Though it happens rarely, there is a Denaturalization process that can lead to revocation of US Citizenship and removal from the country.”

Murdoch, hoping to own US television stations, became a naturalized citizen in 1985.

“There are conditions and requirements for Denaturalization,” Schmidt added. “This should be studied closely by Attorneys. I believe a strong case could be made that @rupertmurdoch, the most venomous and dangerous foreigner to ever arrive on American soil meets it easily.

And in this final series of tweets, Schmidt adds that former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who has, in the past accused Murdoch and the media properties he owns of undermining Democracy in the U.S. and Australia.

Schmidt has had other complimentary words for Murdoch in the past. Last November, he said Murdoch “has been a pancreatic cancer on democracy, pluralism, and decency.”

Last February Schmidt called Fox News an enemy of the US, describing it as “An American Fifth Column that has declared war on American patriotism.”

Murdoch is a really disgusting human being. If you really want to know how awful he is, this story from the Center of American Progress makes it quite plain who this man really is.

“Consider Murdoch’s empire: According to Businessweek, ‘His satellites deliver TV programs in five continents all but dominating Britain, Italy, and wide swaths of Asia and the Middle East. He publishes 175 newspapers, including The New York Post and the Times of London. In the US he owns the 20th Century Fox Studio, Fox Network and 35 TV stations that reach more than 40 percent of the country…his cable channels include the fast-growing Fox News, and 19 regional sports channels,” CAP reports. “In all, as many as one in five American homes at any given time will be tuned into a show News Corp. either produced or delivered.”

Murdoch became a naturalized citizen in 1985. Here he is in 1983 meeting with Ronald Reagan, who is shaking hands with Roy Cohn. A lot of slime in that room.

Murdoch is a far-right ideologue who has used this vast empire to drive the American political debate even further to the right. And that’s not even the worst news, CAP reports.

“He is also an enabler of the oppressive tactics employed by dictatorial regimes, and a man who admits to have hidden money in tax havens.”

So do you still think the news you watch and read every day is “fair and unbalanced?” That it’s “all the news that’s fit to print?”

Guess again. Schmidt is not wrong. Murdoch really is a cancer.

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