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Alex Jones Claims Globalists are Shrinking Men’s ‘Johnsons’ — Both Black and White


Globalists are using chemicals to “hyperfeminize females” which is causing girls to go into puberty earlier, as early as three to five years old, says Alex Jones, and those chemicals are having an impact on males because males are losing ground, “big,” in the size of their… God we cannot even bring ourselves to say it, but your “Johnson” – as Alex Jones calls it – is smaller than dad’s and way smaller than Grandpa’s.

Well, even if true, you don’t miss what you never had so…

The one hilarious and soooo race-conscious and insecure comment Jones made was to say that these Johnsons are shrinking, and it’s happening to both black and white men. Well, that will reassure white men like Jones that they’re at least not losing more ground.

The globalists (aka THE JEWS) must be leaving Trump alone, because back in January 2018, Alex Jones assured the country that Trump’s ding dong was NOT small.

Serious momentarily. There is real concern that the hormones being injected into our meats, especially chicken, do impact puberty, especially in girls. But this is not a “globalist” problem, it’s a capitalism problem and it’s a failure to regulate and study sufficiently.  It is also not at all understood well enough to make definitive conclusions, especially about shrinking Johnsons.

As for the size of men’s Johnsons? Fascinatingly, many of us don’t spend a lot of time worrying about it given there are some qualities that are a bit more important, qualities we can control. Besides, given the toxic testosterone thing behind the whole “alpha male” obsession on the Right, it might be a good thing for some. Alex Jones doesn’t exactly cite the New England Journal article affirming that this “loss,” for black and white men, mind you, is happening. This means it’s probably not happening. From Joe My God:

“It does this to humans as well. That’s why genitals – I don’t care if you’re black or white – are a third the size they were of a 1960s male.

“So the media makes jokes about that a few months ago when I gave the example, ‘If your daddy’s johnson was a foot long, yours is six inches long. And if yours was six inches your son will be three inches. And the one [unintelligible] won’t even have a penis.’

“We can make jokes about that all day long, but this isn’t a game. And you can say, ‘OK, well who cares?’ Well, we’re sterilized. And the sperm counts are down 96%.”

Okay, that’s plenty for us.

Just a reminder that Alex Jones is one of the most vile people on the planet, and should never be forgiven for what he did following Sandy Hook.


[email protected], @JasonMiciak, with Nicole Hickman

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