I Talked Trump Out of Quitting Race When Access Hollywood Tape Dropped


Now that Donald Trump is out of office, the people that enabled him are looking to monetize their experience. Kellyanne Conway is the latest. And juicy parts from her upcoming book are already being leaked.

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In her book, Conway will explain how her husband George violated their marriage vows by slamming Trump. The former special adviser will also discuss how she talked Trump out of quitting the race in 2016.

The Daily Beast outlines what Conway will write about Trump following the release of the Access Hollywood tape. “She writes that Trump had seen reports that the GOP ‘could force him off the ticket or hold a vote to expel him’ amid the fury over his misogynistic comments, captured on video a decade earlier. Conway said that at the time, she questioned whether Trump might be testing her, or if he was really second-guessing himself.”

The report continues that Conway told Trump, “You actually can’t unless you want to forfeit and throw the whole damn thing to Hillary. She said she then explained to him that stepping out of the race at that point wasn’t in the picture, since early voting had begun.”

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If Conway is telling the truth, her decision will have changed American politics forever.

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