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SNL Provides a Massive Public Service with ‘Stupid People Vote’ Video — Terrifying Democrats


Fact: Take five random people in the United States and one of them is in the bottom 20% when it comes to intelligence. One in five is, through no fault of theirs, biologically, pre-ordained, stupid.

In America, we sort of let everyone vote with a huge emphasis on “sort of.” There is a big difference between eligibility and opportunity to vote in rural Idaho than voting in downtown Atlanta, as just one example out of thousands. The advantage lies with rural Idaho, where even stupid people can figure out how to vote because it’s so easy, no lines, and they’re obviously white and committed MAGAs.

This country is majority Dem and leans left, whether conservative Democrats (Manchins) or liberals (AOC). This is self-proving. If the majority were Republicans then Republicans would do all they could to make sure everyone could vote, which – not surprisingly, is what Democrats want. Republicans do all they can to ensure as few can vote as possible.

Thus, Democrats have to work extra hard to ensure that the stupid people that don’t have any complications intentionally placed upon them can cancel out your smart vote. It makes every vote matter. Hilariously, SNL did its best to plant the message this last weekend as the season ends for summer.

That is one of the single best skits that I’ve seen and the message comes ringing loud and clear, “You can buy all the guns,” these stupid f’ing people are responsible for one of the worst qualities in this country, the obsession with guns and that is on one party, solely. SNL felt no need to cover who they were telling to vote.

Twitter loved it:

Yeah, Marjorie.

You get the message. You’re not stupid.


[email protected], @JasonMiciak, with Nicole Hickman

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