Bronny James Catches Heat for Taking White Girlfriend to Prom


Bronny James’2022 prom photo / Twitter

*The eldest son of NBA star LeBron James is catching heat again over his white girlfriend. 

LeBron James Jr. and his high school sweetheart Peyton Gerfuso attended high school prom last week and they reportedly pulled up in a lavish $326,000 custom Mercedes GT sports car, VLAD TV reports. Gerfuso is a senior at Sierra Canyon School, where Bronny is a junior.

Bronny has been subjected to scathing criticism online for dating Gelfuo. Per the report, one Twitter user said. “That girl is whiter than white bruh.”

Another tweet read, “Should’ve got a black queen like his dad.”

“Lost another black king to a money hungry white girl,” another Twitter said, while another user wrote, “Bron gotta do better SMH.”

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Per Daily Mail, several people defended the rising basketball star, with one Twitter user writing, “Bronny James really has grown adults in shambles over the fact he took a white girl to prom in 2022.”

“Anyone that’s mad at Bronny’s prom date, you are part of the problem in today’s society,” agreed another. 

Another commenter added, “Bunch of hating a** mofos in this threat. The kid will most likely play in the NBA with his legendary dad and make millions in salary endorsements, he can go to prom with who TF he wants and the rest of us can’t do s**t about it regardless of our opinions. STFU already.”

“It’s hilarious seeing all these black people have an issue with his prom choice. Bro, y’all are so pathetic,” read a different tweet.

We reported previously that Bronny’s interracial relationship became public after a TikTok video of him and Gerfuso went viral in September 2020. Gelfuso has been seen attending several of the young athlete’s basketball games and on several dates with him.

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