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Skinny Trump as George Washington


Has Kari Lake seen Trump lately?

We ask because if Trump is still “The One” – and to some, he most surely is, then they should embrace all of Trump, and we mean all of him. Because if “The One” has chosen to look as he does, then it must be how he wants to be viewed? So why do they keep slimming him down to be skinny?

Let’s take a look at what Trump really looks like right now, shall we? And remember, we don’t fat shame here. Well, maybe we fat shame Trump a little bit, but only because he is so hateful and cruel when it comes to other people’s bodies, especially women, that we feel we get a pass.

So, here is Trump in the last week:

Now, is this the epitome of an alpha male to you? No? What is it, the moobs that throw you off?

While we’re at it, here’s another (we could do this all day, we have hundreds of pictures in our “Fat Trump” file):

This photo is about 6 months old, and is notable for the odd bulge on his left thigh which some have guessed could be a catheter bag.

This is the alpha male that the MAGA Right and people like Kari Lake long for so badly that Lake already has her Trump portrait picked out to hang in the governor’s office “when” she wins. Again, you’ll note that they must help the old boy out quite a bit to look nice and heroic. It is almost as bad as paintings of the “White Blonde Jesus” that never existed. Try finding a white blonde Jewish man from Palestine. “White Jesus” never existed and “skinny Trump” doesn’t exist, so let’s get his look true to his greatness.

Why do this?

That is not an AR-15, Kari. And if you’re going to go so far out of your way to create a fictional skinny Trump, then one should complete the fantasy and put an AR-15 that he would be terrified to carry in his hands.

Nothing about these people is “real” except the danger. Twitter noticed.


[email protected], @JasonMiciak, with Nicole Hickman

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