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Cenk Uygur Calls Democrats ‘Cowards’ After Texas Shooting


Young Turks founder Cenk Uygur doesn’t believe any legislative action will follow the Texas elementary school shooting this week that left over 20 dead.

In Wednesday tweets, the progressive commentator blasted both Republicans and Democrats, but accused the latter of avoiding a vote on gun control measures so they can exploit “sympathy for the dead kids” for votes for the upcoming midterm elections.

Democrats are not holding vote on gun control because they want to use the sympathy for the dead kids in Texas to get votes but they’re worried that if they hold vote on gun control Republicans will use that against their beloved moderate Democrats,” he tweeted, adding, “who can stomach these cowards?”

In a followup tweet, Uygur also lashed out at the “mainstream media,” predicting outlets and commentators will explain the “strategy” of non-action in the wake of the shooting.

“They’ll tell you why it’s so smart to do nothing until you’re back asleep,” he wrote.

Uygur specifically targeted Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer in response to comments the New York Democrat made saying there is no “imminent” plan for a vote on gun control legislation, instead urging people to vote in November. Uygur labeled Schumer a “calculating coward” for the comments.

“After hearing the whole country scream in unison DO SOMETHING, @SenSchumer, like the calculating coward that he is, proudly declares Democrats will DO NOTHING. Told ya!” Uygur tweeted. “A completely useless party. This is time to put tremendous political pressure on GOP, instead they surrender!”

Schumer did say he is open to crafting a bill with Republicans, but cast doubt on the potential, according to Punch Bowl News founder Jake Sherman.

Other commentators have similarly predicted non-action from lawmakers in the wake of the Texas shooting. On Morning Joe, journalist Mike Barnicle predicted to a tearful Mika Brzezinski things would return to “business as usual” after empty gestures from representatives in the coming week.

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