Donald Trump’s Chief Of Staff Destroyed Documents After Election Day, January 6th Committee Has Learned


Mark Meadows, who served as Chief of Staff during Donald Trump’s presidency, has been a central focus for the January 6th Committee. He has resisted testifying, though he has turned over numerous documents. Now it’s revealed that the January 6th Committee heard testimony from another witness, saying that Meadows burned documents in his office after election day in 2020.

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Documents Meadows turned over willingly have helped the January 6th Committee make several connections, showing which individuals contacted or attempted to contact Trump with Meadows as an intermediary before the January 6th attack and as the mob descended upon the Capitol Building.

The latest news to become public in the investigation is that Cassidy Hutchinson, an aide to Meadows, told the January 6th Committee that Meadows had burned papers in his office after meeting with Representative Scott Perry (R-PA), in the weeks following the election, as Trump and his cronies sought a way to undo his loss, Politico reports.

The Committee has continued to seek testimony from Meadows, but public hearings are slated to begin on June 8th, only a few weeks away.

According to CNN, Hutchinson testified to the January 6th Committee for a third time last week, in a discussion that “covered new ground” and included descriptions of Republican legislators discussing ways to overturn the election despite advice from the White House legal counsel concerning the illegality of those actions. She also testified that Meadows had been warned in advance of the potential for violence on January 6th.

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