Larry Kudlow Says Trump’s 2020 Campaign About ‘Grievances’


Fox Business host and former Donald Trump economic advisor Larry Kudlow criticized the former president’s behavior while campaigning in 2020.

The former director of the National Economic Council regularly praises Trump on his show, but took issue with his approach to campaigning in 2020, which he said centered on Trump’s score-settling.

“The 2016 campaign was about issues,” said Kudlow. “The 2020 campaign was mostly not about issues. And that’s my criticism. And if there were another campaign, it’s got to be about issues, not grievances.”

Fox News contributor Joe Concha, who said during the segment that Trump should not run in 2024, agreed.

“Precisely,” he said. “And one of those grievances is the results of 2020 election.”

“I know,” Kudlow replied.

“The president can’t keep hitting rewind,” Concha continued. “How do you fix things, all these things Joe Biden broke? But you know him. He’s not gonna change his mind. He’s gonna talk about stolen elections up right up to election day. And that’s not gonna resonate.”

Kudlow agreed, stating:

That won’t resonate. Twitter, tweets, that stuff doesn’t bother me. This bothers me. He has to get back. He have ran a great issues campaign in 2016 about China, about the border, about tax cuts, about working folks, for example. In 2020, you barely heard it. I mean, I was in the government at that point. We were talking about it with him in the Oval all the time and it didn’t translate in the rallies outside. It was always about grievances.

Citing previous remarks by former Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway, Kudlow said, “He didn’t do a fabulous job explaining Covid to suburban ladies who may have walked away on that point.”

Watch above via Fox Business Network.

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