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Jason Whitlock Blames Silicon Valley for TX Police Inaction


Jason Whitlock blamed “pansies” who run social media companies in Northern California for the “cowardice” shown by cops in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday.

During Thursday’s Jesse Watters Primetime, host Jesse Watters asked the political and sports commentator about reports that armed police officers waited for backup as 19 children and two adults were murdered at Robb Elementary School.

Police are also accused of accosting and detaining parents who attempted to retrieve their kids while an 18-year-old teen committed the deadliest school shooting in Texas history. The teen was finally killed after an hour inside the school by a well-armed tactical unit.

Watters asked the former ESPN mainstay about reporting first responders were not willing to risk life or limb to save children.

Whitlock blamed their actions on institutional “fear and cowardice” cultivated by “pansies” and social media:

Our culture is controlled by fear and cowardice. Masculinity, traditional male values are under attack. It’s not any mystery why young boys are confused, angry, confused about their identity, angry at the world. Their natural instincts have been under attack probably the last 50, 60 years and most acutely in the last 15 to 20 years, since we turned over our culture to the pansies in northern California and their social media apps.

He further argued traditional men have sat idly by as a leftist element in Silicon Valley has imposed its worldview on society.

“We haven’t created a culture that supports men doing what comes natural to them, protecting women and children,” Whitlock argued.

Watters agreed the timeline of an increase in school shootings coincides with the emergence of the internet.

Whitlock opined drugs, combined with exposure to social media, have driven young men to the edge:

Mental illness is running rampant in America. Depression, kids are committing suicide. Kids are overdosing on drugs. It’s our smart phones. It’s the Big Tech companies in Northern California trying to reprogram us from God’s natural order. That’s what they’re doing.

We are spending all of our time making sure there’s a safe space for Lia Thomas to swim against girls in the Ivy League. Social media is obsessed with making sure that George Floyd, hyped up own drugs, we’d better send a limo and two women to go give him a reach around and escort him to jail as politely as possible.

Whitlock concluded he does not believe modern men are as courageous as they were two decades ago.

“I looked 21 years ago, a bunch of men, mostly, ran a up into the World Trade Center towers, knowing very likely they’re going to die,” he said. “If that happened today, I don’t think men would stand up and do those brave men did on 9/11.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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