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NRA Convention is Selling ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Guns and Other Revolting Items to Celebrate Trump’s Greatness


We are over cults. This is a religion and a very sick one at that.  We just wrote that it is worth pondering whether if Jesus Christ himself came down from heaven and indicated he wanted to emphasize a few points, would MAGAs would attend 36 Sermons on Various Mounts to hear a message so counter to what they’re used to hearing? A duplicative message repeating the same points?

Sell what you own and give to the poor? Accept society’s outcasts, even an “illegal” who came across the border and was injured? Focus less on guns and more on being a peacemaker? That isn’t the message they want to hear. One wonders if they’d justify not listening, “He’s lost an edge, obviously, maybe it made sense back then but he must not understand how we live today.” And what if Jesus said, “Trump represents Earthly evil and sin, you must reject him…” How many would go off with Trump?

They now bestow a religiosity to Trump, a devotion to Trump’s teachings such that he has a lot of his movement, his Republicans, more sympathetic to Russia than NATO. And not because it makes any sense or because it’s what Reagan would do, it’s because you don’t question your god. The First Commandment in Christianity is the same commandment in the MAGA faith, and it doesn’t matter that they directly conflict.

A previous generation might have bought a gold cross to wear around their necks, now buy new religious symbols. From a gunmaker’s Instagram page, selling “Let’s Go Brandon” guns. Guns are as much or a bigger part of their identity than crosses:

The NEW “Rally Cry” custom 1911 is the latest gun in the @auto_ordnance series commemorating President Donald Trump’s administration.

Each one of these special pistols are engraved by the artists at @outlawordnance with detailed imagery paying tribute to President Trump.

The slide contains illustrations depicting the President’s “MAGA” rallies, his signature, and title as “45th President of the United States.”

If you change “paying tribute” with “showing devotion and worship” one could slide Jesus right beside it, and it works equally well. Except nowadays, the MAGAs are less likely to buy the Jesus one.

Because it’s now their religion?

Take a look at this…it doesn’t get much sicker:

Ugh, it just keeps coming:


[email protected], @JasonMiciak, with Nicole Hickman

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