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Uvalde PD Held ‘Active Shooter’ Training Class 9 Weeks Ago


Uvalde Police S.W.A.T Team

The Uvalde Police Department hosted an active shooter training course just nine weeks and a day before its officers stood by for an hour as 21 people were murdered during a mass shooting.

On Tuesday May 24, a lone gunman entered Robb Elementary School in the city and opened fire. Nineteen children and two teachers died.

State law enforcement officials have admitted responding officers made mistakes that potentially cost lives. In the end, a Customs and Border Protection tactical unit killed the suspect.

That was reportedly without the help of local cops, who they bypassed en route to ending the tragedy.

By all appearances, prior to the attack on the school, Uvalde police were ready for such a scenario.

Stephen Gutowski, a firearms reporter for The Reload, shared a digital pamphlet on Twitter Friday evening from the Uvalde Police Department. It was titled “Active Shooter for School-Based Law Enforcement.”

On March 21, the department hosted the eight-hour seminar at Uvalde High School. The class covered topics such as the history of active shooter events, how to “stop the killing,” “unified response” and “stop the dying.”

On the subject of who should register, the pamphlet noted “peace officers,” “school resource officers” and “campus security officers.”

It is not clear how many people attended the event, but according to Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steven McCraw Friday, nothing taught during the course was taken to heart.

McCraw said officers stood idly by, and they were wrong to do so.

Children called for help from inside a classroom while one little girl covered herself in another child’s blood and played dead.

Meanwhile, 19 officers with the Uvalde Police Department stood outside the classroom for up to one hour. That is one officer per child who perished.

A a CPB BORTAC (Border Patrol Tactical Unit) SWAT team bypassed them to end the situation Tuesday. The suspect was eventually shot 15 times and died at the scene.

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