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Watch Absolutely Nutty MAGA Cultist Who Drove 10 Hours to See Her 36th Trump Rally


Trump will be in Casper Wyoming today as he hopscotches the country, landing only in heavily red states (You do not see him giving speeches in the Seattle suburbs even though there are some MAGAs everywhere), in order to cement – or attempt to cement – his full control over the Republican party.

Today is special. Wyoming has fewer House seats than Senate seats, one (Further proof that the Senate is an abomination against democracy allowing Wyoming’s two senators to cancel out California’s.) Additionally, Wyoming is a very large single district because it’s not a small state, either. It would be a significant drive for anyone in Wyoming’s biggest city (Cheyenne) or the third biggest city (Gillette).

It could be one of those very sparsely attended rallies but that doesn’t matter. This seat belongs to Liz Cheney and Trump must have his blood-thirsty revenge. Liz Cheney dares to disagree with other strong conservatives about Trump and that must be stamped out. She must be punished. That’s how Trump lives his life and we Democrats ought to absorb that if he gets the authoritarian power he craves.

So. A rally. And that means that RSBN will cover it like it’s the first rally in history, interviewing rally goers all day, certainly more time spent than covering the Uvalde massacre. A post on Twitter shows RSBN interviewing a woman from “Eastern South Dakota” who drove ten hours to see her 36th Trump rally. This is how one builds a movement like Hitler’s, Stalin’s, or Mussolini’s, one needs useful sheep. And, it’s worth pondering whether these Christians would drive so far to see as many sermons if Jesus was on Earth, or would they say, “No, I’ve saw him once, it was great, but it’s always the same message…”

Oh, yes, that did set Twitter on flames:

Can they start handing these out at the rallies? Please?


[email protected], @JasonMiciak, with Nicole Hickman

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