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’19 Children Died, That’s on Your Hands!’


A mass shooting is a mass shooting, lives are cut down in an instant. People who woke up that morning, thought about all they had to do that day, including a trip to the store, or concert, or whatever, just like us. No reason on earth to think that the day would be any different than any other day. Again, just like us.

But everyone knows it’s different with young school kids, basically babies. One can sort of picture an adult seconds before, accepting loss of life, death is part of life, perhaps a flash of good that they’ve done, at least it is not impossible. With kids, it would be nothing but sheer terror, expecting mom or dad to barge in. It hits all of us harder, or at least it better, or something’s wrong.

Activist Benjamin Hernandez started the interaction innocently enough…with a photo. Let he let Cruz have it.

And that’s surely why there is so much rage after this particular mass shooting. (We have them every two weeks, month, whatever). And so when one hears Ted Cruz, one of the Republicans that has blocked every measure that the vast majority of people support, including Republicans, the rage comes out upon hearing Ted blame everything ill in society except the fcking guns, especially that damned assault rifle. Church, video games, mental health, isolation, as if every country doesn’t have the same issues.

It leads to stuff like this, where people who find themselves near Cruz cannot help but let Cruz know that this is on him and the Republicans like him.

We wish Ted would get that everywhere he goes. He damn well might for quite a while. Kids, it is different with kids.


[email protected], @JasonMiciak, with Nicole Hickman

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