Donald Trump Rails Against ‘Insurrection Hoax’


Former President Donald Trump railed against January 6th being described as an “insurrection” and lamented the number of investigations he has faced during Saturday’s “Save America” rally in Wyoming.

At the rally — held in support of Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY)’s primary challenger, Harriet Hageman — Trump tore into Cheney for participating in the House Select Committee’s probe of Jan. 6.

“As one of the nation’s leading proponents of the insurrection hoax, Liz Cheney has pushed a grotesquely false, fabricated, hysterical partisan narrative,” Trump told the crowd.

Moments later, Trump called the “so-called word ‘insurrection’” a “lot of crap.”

“What a lot of crap, and most of this country knows it,” he said. “And you know who else knows it? The Democrats. It’s another con job, just like Russia, Russia, Russia. This was made up by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats, a total fake story. And they have another fake story coming, it’s the insurr[ection] and many others.”

He went on to bring up the number of investigations he has faced (and is facing).

“Don’t forget: I’ve been investigated more than Billy the Kid, Jesse James, and the great legendary mobster Alphonse Capone, did anyone ever hear of him? Al Capone,” Trump said. “If you add them all up and double them and triple them, I’ve taken the cake for investigations.”

He added, “Friend of mine said, ‘You know, this has been going on for years, you must be the most honest man in the history of our country.’”

Watch above, via Newsmax

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