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Here’s Sen. Ron Johnson trying to escape questions about gun laws by running toward a locked door


The Republican Party has moved on to hiding from most news outlets that aren’t called Fox News or OAN. The recent shooting deaths of 19 children in Uvalde, Texas, have once again reminded the world of the spectral bloodstain that Second Amendment fetishists and firearm profiteers carry over their entire person. The “solutions” being offered up by those on the right are a mixture of suggestions to turn our schools into prisons and to enact various degrees of authoritarian measures. About 99% of the proposed “solutions” have already been tried, and because they do not fix the problem of everybody having guns, they have also been proven not to work.

Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin is the kind of mediocre-minded millionaire we have come to expect from the GOP. Recently, as in over the past 48 hours, Johnson has been rather silent about what he as a sitting U.S. senator could do to fix the disease of gun violence in our country. This is surprising, given that a little more than a week before those 19 children were murdered, in part, by the lax gun laws in Texas under Johnson’s fellow Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, the senator had all kinds of things to say about how to fix gun violence in Wisconsin.

At that time, WUWM reported on Johnson’s statements to the news outlets he invited to talk with him about the subject of gun violence right after he went to visit a gun show in Waukesha County. “You have criminals and you have shooters. OK? I don’t know why the left always wants to blame the gun and absolve the criminal. I want to put the criminal in jail, and keep him in jail. I think that would probably be the better thing, in terms of a solution here. And whatever gun control laws we have, enforce them. We don’t do that. We don’t. We don’t enforce the laws in place.”

Well, all that bluster seems to have disappeared for the time being as Sen. Johnson, like the cowardly shit heel that he is, is running for cover, waiting for the gun lobby, right-wing media, and general exhaustion to keep him out of this important public health crisis.

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On Thursday, CNN’s chief congressional correspondent Manu Raju tried to catch Johnson in the halls of the very building where the senator is ostensibly supposed to be answering questions from the news media about the “work” he is doing for the citizens of the United States. Raju wanted to ask Johnson: “Why not expand background checks?”

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The moment Johnson saw Raju and his camera man, it seems he made a quick beeline for one of his office’s doors. It also seems that Mr. Johnson’s office has two doors, one of which is locked. Enjoy.

Please, Wisconsinites: Vote this waste of space out of office.

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