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‘The Documents Are Jarring’: NYT Reporter’s Research on Uvalde Shooter’s Training Materials Contradicts Police Response


— from Alternet

New York Times National Correspondent Mike Baker has shared a number of disturbing excerpts from Uvalde shooter, Salvador Ramos’ training materials that appear to contradict the reports detailing the days leading up to the mass shooting and the aftermath that followed.

On Friday, May 27, Baker took to Twitter with a series of posts that included details from his research on Ramos’ materials. Based on Baker’s findings, the materials appear to contradict the police department’s actions that day. “I have spent the past few days researching the training of Uvalde officers, including the tactics they were expected to use to halt school shooters,” Baker wrote. “The documents are jarring. Here’s a thread of our findings so far.”

Per Baker’s report, Ramos spent days attempting to better understand Uvalde Police tactics so he would know how officers would respond in the wake of a school shooting.

Baker wrapped up his series of tweets saying, “We are continuing to scrutinize the Uvalde response. Meanwhile, here’s a look at nationwide training for active shooters.”

He also concluded with a disturbing quote from the report: “If you know children are being murdered, why do you wait? Get in there.”

The latest report comes as the Uvalde Police Department faces deep scrutiny for its response. As the days progress and new details come to light, more questions and concerns are circulating.


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