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Steve Bannon Warns Bill Barr MAGA Is “Coming For” Him Over January 6th Testimony


Several members of Trumpworld have dodged subpoenas or otherwise worked to avoid testifying before the January 6th Committee. However, those who have complied and given testimony seem to have provided a lot of valuable information for the investigation, and the Committee is gradually releasing it over the course of public hearings. Now, the threats from MAGA are beginning.

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Donald Trump and his supporters can often be counted on to lash out at anyone who dares oppose him — see for example his push for Members of Congress who supported his impeachment to face primary challenges, his verbal assaults on political opponents and the media, and of course, most recently, testimony to the January 6th Committee alleging that the then-president spoke favorably about calls by his supporters to execute his vice president, Mike Pence, for refusing to illegally overturn the 2020 election.

Among those who have testified is Bill Barr, who served as Attorney General under Trump, and who has also eared Trump’s ire for failing to do everything possible to keep him in the White House after his loss. Barr has testified that he made numerous efforts to get Trump to understand he really had lost and that his efforts to overturn the election ranged from implausible to illegal.

Now, Steve Bannon — one of those aforementioned Trump allies who has not testified — is warning Barr that MAGA is “coming for” him over his testimony.

“This is the type of crap that we’re stopping…We’re gonna deconstruct this and rub your nose in it, and then we’re gonna come after you legally. We’re not just gonna sit here anymore.”

Bannon does not clarify whether by “come after you legally” he is implying a threat of a defamation suit, or something else entirely.

Steph Bazzle reports on social issues and religion for Hill Reporter. She focuses on stories that speak to everyone’s right to practice what they believe in and receive the support of their communities and government officials. You can reach her at

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