CNN Guest Spars With Don Lemon on Trump ‘Conspiracy’ Charge


CNN analyst Phil Mudd sparred with Don Lemon Thursday over whether former President Donald Trump actually believed he won the 2020 election, or he simply did not want to relinquish power.

During an analysis of the third House select committee hearing over the Capitol attack, Lemon invoked witness testimony.

Former Trump attorney John Eastman allegedly told White House lawyer Eric Herschmann he did not care if challenging the election results ended violently.

On Don Lemon Tonight, the host asked Mudd if he thought Trump knew the election was fair, but chose to accept potential violence to litigate the results.

“Is it clear to you that Trump was also willing to accept violence to stay in power?” Lemon asked, to which Mudd responded, “Heck no.”

“There’s two questions here,” Mudd continued. “There’s a question of whether I think the president did the right thing. No. There’s a question of what I think the Department of Justice will do.”

Mudd said it would be a colossal mistake for Attorney General Merrick Garland to ever try Trump for conspiracy, which he said is impossible to prove.

“If you don’t win that case at the back end, you’re perceived to be someone who is pursuing Donald Trump because you have partisan, political interest,” he said.

Lemon said the committee’s witnesses had all testified Trump’s inner circle had all informed him he had lost.

“The president’s going to say my advisers told me I won,” Mudd said. “I thought I won, that wasn’t a conspiracy.”

After some back and forth about whether Trump knew the results of the race were accurate or not, Mudd and Lemon traded barbs.

LEMON: None of his advisers told him he won.

MUDD: Don, you’ve got to go not to the court of public opinion, but the court of law.


LEMON: Every single person who testified, his advisors… You’re wrong… told him he lost.

MUDD: You’re wrong. Don, you’re wrong! You’re wrong!

LEMON: The only person who told him he won was Rudy Giuliani and the crazy voting box people.

MUDD: Don’t you think that the defense can find witness who is said the president thought he won. Come on, don. The defense will find people who said the president believed he was right. How can this be a conspiracy if the president said he was trying to defend democracy?

LEMON: You said the president’s advisers told him that he won. Not one of the advisors told him he won.

MUDD: I don’t buy it. I am going to tell you, defense attorneys will find people who say the president thought he won.

“Come on, Don, let’s go,” Mudd concluded, “You lose.”

The conversation carried on for several additional moments.

Watch above, via CNN.

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