[WATCH] ‘Like An Actual Wire-Tap of John Gotti!’ Michael Cohen Breaks Down Trump’s Mob-Style Threats Against Mike Pence


There are a select few who can hear Donald Trump speaks and immediately understand the subtext of what he’s saying. Trump isn’t a master of much, but he knows how to gaslight his base and use a whole lot of projection language and repetition to drive his lies into the ground until they become their version of the truth. However, he also says a lot of things without saying them directly, something his niece, Mary Trump, knows very well. And so does his former fixer, Michael Cohen.

Cohen certainly has a unique perspective, and has become a sort of “Trump Whisperer” for the masses, translating from Trump to English. His various warnings about Trump have all come true to a certain degree, and so when Cohen says that Trump was basically calling for a hit on Mike Pence on January 6th if he didn’t go along with the plot to overthrow the government.

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I’d like to think I get all of Trump’s not-thinly-veiled threats, and I’ve often referred to him as an overgrown child or “King Baby.” When the January 6th Committee Hearings included that Trump told Pence, “I don’t want to be your friend anymore,” many people jumped on that and called him out for behaving like a petulant child, yours truly included.

But Cohen says that we’re taking it the wrong way. Trump didn’t mean it in the kindergarten playground friends way. He meant in the “dese friends of ours” Goodfellas Sopranos way.

That’s a forehead slap for sure. Of COURSE he’s emulating a Mob boss, it’s all he’s ever truly wanted to be. I’ve pointed that out before, too, going as far as anointing Cohen as “Mikey the C” during the time he was still employed by Trump. I’m glad he’s not stuck on the Dark Side anymore.

Watch Mikey the C break it down for you real Noo Yawk style thanks to our friends (the real kind, not the mob kind) at Meidas Touch.

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