Nazi Girl Insurrectionist Has BF Who Planned Mass Shooting At Synagogue.


One of my favorite Jan 6th insurrectionist is back in the news again.  Riley Williams was the young woman who stole Nancy Pelosi’s laptop computer during the Jan 6th insurrection.  And she uploaded a video online of her dancing while giving a Nazi salute.  And this will not shock anyone, but she violated the terms of her pretrial home detention requirements by meeting with her boyfriend.  By the way, he is a former marine who was convicted of planning a mass shooting at a synagogue.

Did I mention this lovely woman wants to have her home confinement requirements removed?

For those that have forgotten Nazi Girl, here are the eight charges against her.  And one of them is for assaulting a police officer, and another is for the theft for Nancy Pelosi’s laptop computer.  It has been suggested that Nazi Girl was going to sell the laptop to the Russians.

Anyway, because she is a young white woman, she has been on home detention until her trial.  Yes, she doesn’t want to try and make a plea deal.  So the mean old judge made Nazi Girl’s mom in charge of keeping her in line until the trial.  There is a set of requirements that Nazi Girl had to adhere to.  

And they are all so “burdensome” and “excessive,” according to Nazi Girl’s lawyer.

Harrisburg native Riley Williams, 23, calls her conditions of home detention and wearing an ankle monitor excessive, in light of the fact she has abided by all conditions for the past 16 months without fail.

At-present, Williams is confined to her home at almost all times, wears an ankle monitor, is not allowed to travel outside central Pennsylvania, must submit to drug testing yet must maintain steady employment.

“It is likely that a resolution of this matter will not occur until some point in 2023,” Williams’ lawyer, Lori Ulrich, said in the motion. “Requiring Ms. Williams to remain on home detention with electronic location monitoring the duration of that time is unduly burdensome.”

Emphasis is mine.

Nazi Girl is also supposed to turn in a schedule of her appointments, and she is to check in when she gets back home.  In other words, she has a probation officer checking on her.  And here is a another lovely “burden” for Nazi Girl:

When watching TV on a Smart TV, Williams’s third-party custodian is supposed to monitor Williams’s use. Additionally, she was supposed to use a flip phone (or non-smart phone) for all other communication.

Now, Nazi Girl’s lawyer filed on Friday a motion to ease some of those restrictions. 

Prosecutors have presented evidence to the judge that Nazi Girl repeatedly violated the terms of her home detention, and the whopper of all those violations was meeting with a man who was convicted of planning a mass shooting at a synagogue.

Prosecutors filed a motion Friday asking a judge not to loosen restrictions on suspected Capitol rioter Riley Williams because they say she recently met with a man who wanted to shoot up a synagogue and lied about it…

Prosecutors say Williams also got her mother to lie to her probation officer about the visit by the man in August 2021 to her mother’s home, where she is residing, according to the motion. Williams’ mother was assigned by the court to be her third-party monitor to ensure she complies with the conditions of her pre-trial release.

The man was convicted, kicked out of the Marine Corps, and sentenced to 19 months in prison. He told Williams about his prior arrest, according to court documents. The records contained a foot note that the government believes the man at some point became her fiancé…

Williams has been in video contact with the man since the fall of 2020 even though she is prohibited from video calls with anyone but her attorney or mental health services. Her mother allowed her to use the mother’s iPad to conduct the calls, even though it is not allowed by the court, according to the document.

OH looky there!  Mom let her use her iPad to make calls!  And Mom lied for her little love nugget!  He’s such a nice young man that Nazi Girl was meeting!  He hates Jews as much as Nazi Girl!  It’s a match made in Hell!

Oh, and about those appointments and schedule she had to keep?  She routinely violated those too!  Her probation officer had to track her down.

On a more serious note, I knew this was going to happen.  Anyone as sick as Riley Williams was not going to pay attention to any old rules.   Her mom is her so called “jailer.”  Send her back to the woman who obviously couldn’t reach her daughter, if the damn woman even tried that is.

What motherfuckin’ bullshit.

Anyone want to bet that the dumbass judge gives Nazi Girl another pass because she is a white woman?

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