Watch Florida Woman Pepper Spray Four Women for… Being Asian in NYC


It is true that one cannot have a country with 350 million and not have enough jackasses to create news every day by being just terrible human beings, but this one stands out. This is just pure hatred, pure racism, which is – evidently, if you ask the MAGAs, all acceptable again. Trump’s greatest gift to the MAGAs, the entire reason he’s beloved to the point of “worship,” is that he gave them permission to live outwardly who they are inside, where it counts.

Take this Florida woman, for example. No, we have no proof as to who she voted for. But just hear out what she did and take a wild guess:

A Florida woman has been busted for pepper-spraying four young Asian women during a caught-on-camera clash in Manhattan, police said Saturday.

Cops in Chelsea took Madeline Barker, 47, into custody Friday after they recognized her as the woman in the bias-fueled June 11 attack, a police spokeswoman said.

Barker, of Merritt Island, Fla., was charged with attempted assault, assault and harassment as hate crimes. Her arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court was pending Saturday.

That doesn’t sound like something that would be done by a loyal AOC voter. As per usual, we wonder what would’ve been done without the video? Anything?

The cigarette dangling from the lips is what makes it art, in the ugliest sort of way. We hope the young women (ages are not listed and their identities blocked out) are doing well, and wish we could talk to them about the fact that most of us love the fact that being an “American” means one can be of any ethnicity.


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