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Fox News Hosts Mock Kamala Harris Missing Basketball Shot


The hosts of Fox NewsOutnumbered mocked Vice President Kamala Harris on Thursday for missing basketball shots.

After multiple attempts, Harris made a basket. This was at American University to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Title IX, which protects women in sports at institutions that receive federal funds.

“I would think of former President Bush when he threw out the first pitch after 9/11 … incredibly impressive at Yankee Stadium,” said co-host Lisa Kennedy. “If you’re not going to make the shot, don’t take it ‘cause it looks really bad. They’re already having a hard time selling the abilities of this administration, doesn’t really help the cause.”

Co-host Kayleigh McEnany threw Harris a bone by saying it would take her “60 tries” to make a shot.

Co-host Emily Compagno lauded Harris’ “perseverance.”

“I applaud the perseverance, however, I agree with you [Kennedy], it only shows deficiency and sort of incompetence,” she said. “I also don’t understand why she didn’t just throw on a pair of sneakers.”

McEnany lamented Harris spokesperson Kirsten Allen tweeting the video in a post that read “Nothing but net.”

“I don’t think that’s what we just saw,” said McEnany.

Co-host Chris Bedford blasted the Biden administration for “destroying women’s sports.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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