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Politico Reporter Assess Jan. 6 Hearings: Nobody Cares


Politico’s Betsy Woodruff Swan said Wednesday that two Democratic lawmakers told her the Jan. 6 committee hearings are not a “top tier issue” for their constituents.

Swan joined Chuck Todd on Meet the Press NOW on NBC’s newest streaming service NBC News NOW.

Todd asked Swan, “Does the Jan. 6 hearing break through at all?”

She responded inflation and other economic issues are weighing more on the minds of Democratic voters than the Capitol attack.

“I don’t think it does,” she said. “I have talked to two separate Democratic members of Congress in the last couple weeks about Jan. 6, obviously I can’t say who. And both of them have said, offhandedly, nobody gives a bleep about Jan. 6.”

Swan said the conversations were relative to how the coming midterms will play out. She told Todd.

The reality is, obviously, [Jan. 6] a very important issue. Obviously, I’ve been covering this nonstop for the last year. It’s important, it’s a key part of understanding American history, and the democratic trajectory that this country is on. It is also true at the same time and not at all contradictory, that it’s not a top-tier voting issue for people who are figuring out who they’re going to support during the midterms.

Top-tier issues are material concerns. How are people paying their mortgages? How much does it cost to get milk and bread? How much does it cost to get gas? Do these hearings result in different electoral outcomes for Democrats? I have yet to see any actual evidence that they do.

Swan’s assessment of the Jan. 6 hearings might be inconsequential for many voters is backed up polling.

Morning Consult found in a recent survey fewer than one-third of likely voters, 32%, foresee the hearings having a “major impact” on how they vote.

“While 40% of voters reported watching at least some of the June 9 hearing live, that percentage was driven by Democrats, 57% of whom said they tuned in,” the pollster noted. “Just one-third of independents and 27% of Republicans reported doing the same.”

Watch above, via NBC News NOW.

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