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Hannity Throws Tantrum Over FDA Ban on Juul Vapes — Humiliates Himself When He Learns He Won’t Be Arrested for Smoking During Show


Well, Sean Hannity is going to be under an obligation to make an ass of himself, given that he promised to vape live on-air if the FDA outlawed his favorite Juul E-cigs, and the FDA did just that this morning. According to Mediaite, Hannity drew a line in the sand last night:

Sean Hannity pledged to vape a Juul e-cigarette on air if the FDA’s plan to ban the devices is implemented. The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday the FDA is preparing to order Juul to all of its e-cigs off the market. Hannity is a noted e-cig enthusiast and last year was caught vaping on air after a commercial break. “They ban it, and I’ll do it live on TV and they can come and arrest me. How’s that?” he declared.

Sounds fine with us. Arrest him. Hannity could use a little humbling and a few days in the hoosegow.

And we have some bad news for Hannity. From the NY Times:

The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday ordered Juul to stop selling e-cigarettes on the U.S. market, a profoundly damaging blow to a once-popular company whose brand was blamed for the teenage vaping crisis. The order affects all of Juul’s products on the U.S. market, the overwhelming source of the company’s sales. Juul’s sleek vaping cartridges and sweet-flavored pods helped usher in an era of alternative nicotine products among adults as well.

Unfortunately, at least with respect to Hannity, banning the sale of the e-cigs and cartridges doesn’t make their use illegal, though it’s still up in the air as to where and how a person will obtain the devices.

And as Hannity learned on Thursday night’s show, he’s allowed to possess and use his Juul. So he accused the FDA of “stealing his thunder” since he wouldn’t be arrested if he smoked it on his show, so he didn’t puff away. What a wuss.


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