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[WATCH] Arizona GOP Chair Kelli Ward Subpoenaed by DOJ in Fake Elector Scheme


Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward was issued a subpoena by the Department of Justice along with other Arizonans who signed onto a document that would have sent fake electors to Congress on January 6, 2021.

Arizonans Nancy Cottle and Loraine Pellegrino, who signed the false elector document as chair and secretary, were also served subpoenas in the matter. All three have been issued subpoenas by the January 6th House Select Committee investigating the riot at the Capitol, with Ward’s phone records specifically being sought by the Committee. Kelli Ward and her husband, Michael, have filed a countersuit on the initial subpoena by the Committee in federal court in Phoenix, which is still pending. Both of the Wards acted as so-called alternate electors in Arizona.

[Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images]

The false electors document, which led the DOJ to issue their subpoena, involves a total of 11 Arizona Republicans who met at the state party headquarters to falsely declare themselves the state’s official presidential electors. The document created a second set of electors for Donald Trump and included former and currently elected members of the Arizona legislature.

Multiple witnesses have told the January 6th House Select Committee that Trump was personally involved in the effort to put forward slates of fake electors in key battleground states, testifying that Trump himself was not only aware of the push, but seemingly endorsed it. Earlier this week, DOJ investigators subpoenaed Georgia Republican Party chairman David Shafer for information related to the fake elector scheme there. The focus on Shafer came as the Justice Department subpoenaed Trump electors this week in Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

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