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Eric Benét’s Chance Meeting with Luther Vandross was the Boost He Needed | WATCH


Eric Benet (screenshot)

*Singer Eric Benét reveals how he once ran into Luther Vandross and how the chance encounter changed his life. Erick was on the podcast “R&B Money Podcast” hosted by song artist Tank and J. Valentine, according to RadioFacts.

In episode two at 23:00, he explains that when he was an upcoming artist and while on one of his radio station rounds, he bumped into the later singer Luther Vandross. The “Dancing with My Father” singer was on his way from an interview at the radio station. At first, all Benét wanted was to thank Luther and then go about his way. But Luther stopped him and said something that remarkably impacted him and his music career forever.

Vandross said, “You know what? You’re doing it right.”

“That’s all I needed,’ Benet explains in the podcast. “If you thought I was dope before? That’s probably when you heard me go in the studio and do that falsetto.”

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He adds that it is such comments that inspire him to strive to be better.

“The hunger doesn’t go away,” he adds. “The grind, the hustle, never, never, goes away.”

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