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Ex-GOP Lawmaker Says Trump Could ‘Be Screwed’ by 1/6 Hearings


The 1/6 hearings are not going well for Donald Trump. A number of Conservatives may not know that. Fox News even refused to broadcast the first few days of the hearing.

SELMA, USA – APRIL 9: Former US President Donald Trump holds a rally sponsored by Save America with Ted Budd, Madison Cawthorn, Bo Hines, Dan Bishop, Mark Robinson and Greg Murphy in Selma, NC, on April 9, 2022. (Photo by Peter Zay/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

But the information is getting out to the independents who decide elections. And there are certainly some Republicans out there who don’t like what they’re hearing. For that reason, Joe Walsh thinks Trump could be screwed.

MSNBC’s Katie Phang asked, “Will Trump be screwed by the very thing he has always been obsessed with: TV ratings and millions of eyes watching what is going on on TV?”

The former Minnesota Congressman replied:

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“Look, I still hear from hundreds of Trump supporters and Republican voters every day and, Katie, they are extra pissed-off and angry about what they are hearing about at these hearings. I don’t know that they are watching the hearings, but even then, they are hearing about the damaging information, about what Trump did.”

“So if they are impacted, I mean, the hard-core Trump base is impacted, about what is being learned at these hearings, I think that is going to hurt Trump in 2024. I do not think it’s going to be an issue of Democrat versus Republican in ’22.”

Todd Neikirk is a New Jersey-based politics and technology writer. His work has been featured in,, and PoliticusUSA. An avid pet lover, he has been known to contribute to Pet Lifestyles Magazine. He enjoys sports, politics, technology, and spending time at the shore with his family.

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