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[WATCH] ‘Welcome to the Under-the-Bus-Club,’ Michael Cohen Warns Trump Co-Conspirators


Michael Cohen knows exactly how Donald Trump treats someone once he feels they’re either no longer of use to him or has betrayed him in some way, or usually both things at once. You’re not only dead to him, you never existed in the first place. Unless he can place all of the blame on you while blowing up your whole life like Black women election workers in Georgia, then of course he’ll keep doing that until he finds a better scapegoat.

But Cohen still tries to warn John Eastman and others who still seem determined to go down with the Trumptanic no matter how much warning from personal experience he conveys. “You don’t want to end up like me,” Cohen said on MSNBC on Friday, meaning IN PRISON for a guy who couldn’t care any less about you.

I’ve repeatedly said Trump would walk over the bodies of every member of his family to escape a burning building and then blame all of them for starting the fire, and Michael Cohen has confirmed this in his own way. And yet people remain by Trump’s side, even as the January 6th House Select Committee has announced a “surprise witness” for an unexpected hearing announced on Monday that will air on Tuesday. That person will be persona non grata at Mar-A-Lago from now, as Mikey the C knows all too well.

One perceived slight from Trump, and you’re on your own, kid. Or as Cohen bluntly says, “Welcome to the Under-the-Bus-Club,” which has open membership forever.

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