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Adam Kinzinger Releases Audio Clips of Death Threats Against Him and His Family…All Because He Doesn’t Support Trump


This is MAGA.

This is what happens when people join a cult or a religion and then someone opposes that religion. And, actually, it is hard to imagine such a perverse and strong response to someone’s religion as that which Adam Kinzinger receives in the phone calls to his office. They are absolutely chilling.

Beyond the fact that the anger is beyond horrific, and the language dripping with violence, there is the fact that this is all about Trump, and absolutely none of it, NONE OF IT, actually points out what Kinzinger might have gotten “wrong” in the investigation of Trump, or anything to do with the facts, none. The only relevant fact is that Kinzinger opposes Trump. That’s it. That is all that matters to these people.

Psychologists and sociologists can better explain it than we do. But if forced, it would seem that the anger is rooted in two things. First, Trump IS these people’s identity, he is not their leader so much as “who they are.” When you threaten Trump, you threaten their very existence. Second, Trump exists as he does in these people’s lives because he allows these people to unleash their anger at liberals. They want to hate liberals far more than love their politicians, even Trump. They would give up their support for Trump far sooner than they’d give up their hatred of liberals.

Despite the fact that Kinzinger is a conservative Republican, he is appearing to help liberals, and that’s all that matters. That is why high school kids and college students, the type that intern in congressional offices to learn about government, are forced to hear this and learn where their country stands: (WARNING, HIGHLY GRAPHIC, NSFW, VIOLENT)

He is braver than we realize. Some of us would be fine with threats to our own lives. the moment someone mentions a daughter, I would be out, or at least go into deep hiding, perhaps have her live with her grandparents for a time. It is beyond disgusting. I wouldn’t say any of those things to Trump, Boebert, MTG… anyone not threatening my daughter.

Twitter was horrified:


[email protected], @JasonMiciak, with Nicole Hickman

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