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Bette Midler Takes a Semi-Break from Being a Lefty for One Tweet to Slam Woke Politics ‘Erasing’ Women’s Identities


Comedian Bette Midler shared a tweet, which went against the “transwomen are women” talking point of the liberal pro-trans left.

This take from Midler may seem surprising, it seems to Midler the pro-trans agenda is now taking a back seat to the pro-abortion. This seems clear to many as Midler starts the tweet by declaring that women are “being stripped of our rights over our bodies”.

She then called out the terms that biological women are now being referenced by in an effort not to offend trans-women. She ends her tweet with, “Don’t let them erase you! Every human on earth owes you!” She is appearing to elevate biological women to a higher status.

Midler shared:

WOMEN OF THE WORLD! We are being stripped of our rights over our bodies, our lives and even of our name! They don’t call us “women” anymore; they call us “birthing people” or “menstruators”, and even “people with vaginas”! Don’t let them erase you! Every human on earth owes you!”

This tweet brought ire from the pro-trans community.

Trans-woman Strewth doesn’t think Millennial trans-women need Midler as a female hero.

“Millennial trans women don’t need JK Rowling, Bette Midler & Macy Gray as childhood female heroes anyway… Not when Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Whoopi Goldberg, Kylie Minogue, Oprah, Goldie Hawn, Jane Fonda, Angelina Jolie & more all said TRANS RIGHTS w their whole chest”

Journalist Ernest Owens, who believes in cancel culture, is calling for Midler and Macy Gray to be canceled.

“SAD NEWS: Macy Gray & Bette Midler have come out as TERFs. Unfollow, un-support, and unsubscribe.”

Midler has been known as a gay rights activist, and the rhetoric from Midler seems to have hurt many who were fans of hers.

As more is added to the LGBTQ+ community there seems to be a push that everyone must be affirmed and supported, even at one’s own personal cost. Midler clearly is worried more about abortion rights than trans rights, at least for now.

With the Supreme Court’s decision to return abortion to the state legislatures, many in Hollywood are raging because some states are opting to eliminate or restrict abortions in their states.

Most people assumed that because the Supreme Court decided decades ago to grant abortion as a right that it was settled. However, those familiar with the Roe decision, knew that the justification for the decision was weak and that the day would come when it would be overturned.

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