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Cipollone gets hit with a Subpoena


The January 6th Committee has officially issued a subpoena to Pat Cipollone, former Trump White House counsel, to appear and testify at a deposition on Wed, July 6.


Here is the full letter –


Liz Cheney turns the screw –


What does Cipollone (rhymes with baloney) want to hide?


Yes you are.


The January 6h committee is uncovering all the rocks, while the critters underneath are flailing and perhaps praying for their “savior”, who even faux news is bailing out on. Cipollone has the opportunity to go down in history as the “John Dean” of the 21st century or continue to destroy his career and reputation for the mob boss who will relegate him to coffee server status in any case.

No matter, we have to keep pressing, make sure justice is done and educate the electorate about the rottenness of the republican party. Our Democracy depends on it.

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