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Eric Swalwell Hammers Boebert and MTG Over Highland Park Tragedy and He NAILS IT


Just to set this up properly and get at exactly what Eric Swalwell wants to address, it is best to listen to a combat veteran who left part of her leg in Iraq during a war. Sen. Duckworth knows what war sounds like:

There is a reason that the sound reminded Duckworth of war. The gun fired was a machine designed for warfare. It is an assault rifle that fires a round at a velocity that allows it to kill up to 300 yards and is meant to be able to stop cars by shooting through them. In order to do such a thing, one needs a high-powered rifle that puts a lot of “fire downrange.” This is what it sounds like:

Notice the rapid-fire? Only in America would a civilian be allowed to own a weapon like that. That is an assault rifle that is nearly fully automatic, meaning pull the trigger and it fires until one releases it. That weapon is not meant for hunting and it is not meant for defense unless one is in a war. It is meant for offense, to kill.

That is why it is the weapon of choice for both mass shooters and the weapon of choice for pictures of MAGA politicians. Eric Swalwell is smart enough and courageous enough to start drawing “straight lines,” unapologetically linking those guns and the damage they do, to the people who advertise for them, people like Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor-Greene:

And, of course, there is also Marjorie who is talking about shooting up socialists in her picture.

Twitter obviously agreed with Swalwell:

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