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Hours After Shooting, Trump Pick for Illinois Gov. Tells People to ‘Move on and Celebrate!’


This is the new MAGA normal. The altar of the 2nd Amendment (and it is a religion) requires weekly blood sacrifices and thus, maybe we say a prayer for that week’s sacrifice, maybe – and then we move on to celebrate America, the only country where one can buy such weapons and isn’t that wonderful.

That was the approach Darren Bailey, heavily endorsed by Donald Trump took as he campaigned for governor of Illinois. I suppose calling off a campaign event on the Fourth of July would be a bit of a bummer. According to Vice:

Hours after a gunman opened fire during an Independence Day parade in a Chicago suburb, Illinois state Senator Darren Bailey, a Republican, called for people to “move on and… celebrate.”

At around noon local time, Bailey, who is running for governor and has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump, went live on Facebook from Skokie, a village about 20 minutes south of Highland Park where he’d planned to attend a parade.

Bailey, who was standing in a group of people holding campaign signs, then said voters have to “get corruption and evil out of our government.” He ended his prayer by calling for celebrations again.

Why bother? If you know you’re calling for celebrations at the end of your solemn prayer, why even bother?

Trump-backed GOP candidate for Illinois Governor Darren Bailey releases a video regarding the shooting in Highland Park:

“Now let’s move on and celebrate the independence of this nation. We know the mission. We have got to get corruption and evil out of our government.”

Just the way the MAGAs role nowadays. A mass shooting on the Fourth of July? Of course, what could be more American.


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