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Kate Hudson’s Brother Oliver Hudson Left Embarrassed By His Sister Going Nude On Instagram-‘Nope’


Kate Hudson’s brother Oliver Hudson has reacted to his sister posing nude on Instagram

Kate Hudson’s Brother Oliver Hudson Left Embarrassed By His Sister Going Nude On Instagram-‘Nope’

The siblings are known to be very close with their respective children hanging out at each other’s houses. And given that Oliver is the elder of the siblings, it is fair to say that he most likely has more authority. With that being said, Kate did ruffle a few feathers with her following post.

In the picture here, we can see that Kate is posing nude with only her panties on. She is showing off her breasts in front of everyone, while she sips some coffee. That picture obviously did not go down very well with Oliver.

The last thing that he expected to see was his sister pop up nude on his timeline. So the fact that it did happen made things very awkward for him. And so it showed with his following response as Oliver simply replied: “Nope..”

Despite this being the case, Oliver does not have a thing against being nude. It was simply because of the fact that his sister was being displayed to the whole world. The actor has previously expanded on how he does not view nudity in a bad way.

So much so that he went as far as to state that this is something that has become normalised within his family unit. His following comments confirmed as much: “Nudity has never been taboo. We were all born naked, and it’s the way it is. Even now with my kids, we’re just naked people.

“That’s just the way it is. I’m definitely comfortable with it.” The fans on social media, however, were not so complimentary of Kate. In the process, they felt she had embarrassed herself. One person wrote: “She must be hungry for work!

“With children who may see this one day, she should be ashamed selling her talents through nudity!” So there you have it folks. What did you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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