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Mayor Says Don’t Glorify Shooter’s Social Media Posts


Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering (D) is warning against “glorifying” past social media posts made by the gunman who targeted a Fourth of July parade this week, claiming six lives and injuring over two dozen others.

Rotering appeared on CBS Mornings on Tuesday in the wake of the tragedy and said she knew the shooter years ago as she was his cub scout master. She described him then as a “sweet little boy,” though she had not seen the 22-year-old in years.

Numerous social media users and media outlets are combing through the gunman’s past social media posts for indicators of Monday’s tragedy, but the mayor insisted the focus be on “weapons of war.” The shooter used a “high-powered rifle” when targeting parade participants and spectators, police said. The mayor has since said the weapon was legally obtained.

My recollection of him was as a sweet little boy. You know, I’m sorry that we’re glorifying what he put on social media. I don’t want to encourage other people to think this is a way to, you know, lead into this kind of violence. We need to have a very real national conversation about why we’re okay with allowing weapons of war on the streets and why we’re okay with weekly having mass shootings.

Rotering added she’s spoken to other mayors since the shooting about potential future tragedies.

“The mayors of Toledo — of Dayton, the mayor of Buffalo, several other mayors have reached out. And none of us think this will happen in our city, and we need to ask why this is becoming a weekly occurrence in our nation,” she said.

The Democrat added that the “laws are not working” in terms of guns, noting mass shooters often use legally obtained firearms. She also pushed for increased mental health resources for young people.

“We obviously need to provide significantly greater resources in terms of mental healthcare,” the mayor said. “We’ve seen those scaled back in the last few decades.”

Watch above via CBS.

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