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The Trailer for the New Trump Documentary Looks Like an Absolutely Terrifying S**t Show


Well, the trailer for British documentarian Alex Holder’s Unprecedented has just hit the internet and OH MY GOD. This family was at the pinnacle of power for 4 years and GOD they are awful…it is almost painful to watch.

The docuseries was shot with Donald Trump and his family in the months before and after the 2020 insurrection. The two-minute clip for Unprecedented was included in the hours of footage Holder handed over to the Jan. 6 committee last month. And Holder has hours upon of footage, and not just interviews. Lots of behind-the-scenes stuff that caught…well, we don’t know yet. But we know it’s serious because the Trump family is rather worried about it.

The trailer, released by Politico, shows the moments around some of the Trump family’s interviews, including a scene in which Ivanka worried about her appearance and how her dress looks on camera, and a shortened version of the scene where Donald Trump obsesses over a table and a glass of water. Don Jr. is also shown at a rally vowing to “make liberals cry again.” Which again, such a horrible family. That’s what it’s about…making the other side cry and be sad. Politicians normally want to be leaders for all Americans. Not the Trumps. They only care about THEIR people. Liberals don’t count.

Text in the trailer reads: “Witness the 3-part documentary event… With exclusive access… To the most controversial family in the world… Gaining power is easy… Surrendering it is not.”

It’s just dreadful. This family is so conceited, acting as if they were the Royal Family or something. They just think they are all that, and it’s sickening.

Twitter was equally grossed out:

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