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‘When Women Lead’ It’s ‘A Curse’


Blaze TV host Elijah Schaffer went on a bizarre rant about women’s place in society during a recent episode of his podcast.

The host of Slightly Offensive talked about how, in his opinion, the ’empowering women’ movement intentionally weakens society.

“The saying ‘Behind every good man is an even greater woman.’ I don’t like that phrase. I don’t like that phrase,” Schaffer began.

“Wrong,” shouted producer Josiah David.

“Behind every man is a strong woman that he leads as she takes care of his household. As she looks after his family, as she helps him to add value to the family. Right? So we can focus on his work,” Schaffer said.

“But this idea that like somehow men don’t have the capability to solve the issues. Guys, we caused these problems. We literally made the issues. You can blame it on women. We’re the ones who gave ’em the right to vote. We’re the ones who let them into power,” he continued.

“Roe v. Wade voted in by men,” David added.

“Yeah, it was all — Roe V. Wade voted in by men and then women, they did help take it apart, but it was catalyzed by Clarence Thomas, who was a man. And so the fact that we’ve gotten to a point in the world where they’re saying, ‘Well, now we need to just give up. Men need to shut up. They need to step back and they need to just let women figure things out.’ Women can’t even get along with each other,” Schaffer said angrily.

“They can’t even figure out their friendships. They’re not gonna figure out the country,” he added. “There’s plenty of lovely women out there who are strong leaders, who are bold, who have filled positions that men have given up that men have chosen not to lead in. When women lead, it’s a sign of a curse on a country because if men are strong and they’re leading the country, well, women do not feel the need to lead.”

“Yeah. A woman is only as strong as her husband,” David said. “If a woman is as strong or if she’s a bitch or whatever she’s doing, it’s because her husband isn’t leading her properly,” David continued.

“If the husband doesn’t have his house in check and the wife has to step in and fulfill that role, then your house gets outta line. Why are you surprised? You’re the man of God. You’re the man who’s supposed to take control of your house, take control of your wife,” he added.

“If you know, shit starts breaking and you know, the house starts getting sideways, but you’ve been gone or you’ve been doing stuff — partying. Can you really be surprised because you abandoned your post and you need to — your wife is your post and you have to make sure that you’re leading her and telling her what to do, because she’s not the leader of the household,” he concluded.

“No she’s not. I know a lot of people have different kinds of relationships, right? Like, you have to understand the empowering of women was meant to weaken men,” Schaffer said.

Listen above via Slightly Offensive.

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