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‘This Won’t Stop Until Trump is Back in the White House’


Whatever else happens, it is highly unlikely that Donald Trump will ever be back in the White House. But Jim Jordan has to do something because it looks like Donald Trump could be charged with a crime, which means that Jim Jordan could be charged with a crime (As Jim knows better than anyone, given that he asked for a pardon as Trump was going out the door.) So Jim Jordan is doing everything humanly possible to keep Donald Trump viable as a White House candidate. Jordan doesn’t want to have to worry about Ron DeSantis wanting to “put all this behind us” by letting the MAGAs like Jordan stay in prison.

So Jordan was on Fox today explaining why it’s just horrible that the military could lose all these experienced people because of mandatory vaccination requirements for COVID and that it won’t change until we get a real leader like Donald Trump in the White House.

Yes, the same United States military that might order a man to climb over a hill and face enemy fire, or order a bombing run right over heavy anti-aircraft fire, dares to order everyone in the service to be vaccinated against COVID… along with about 20 other things that have always been required, including smallpox and the plague. But vaccines against smallpox and the plague are not involved in owning the libs. The only vaccine that involves owning the libs is the COVID vaccine, and thus the U.S. military personnel, the same ones that can be effectively ordered to their deaths, shouldn’t be allowed to require a vaccine!

These are the same people who are saying our military is feminized and “woke”! What does it say to your commitment to your country if you won’t take a poke of a needle for your country, and prefer to say “NO,” and stay in good keeping with your “party”?  Here is Jordan screaming his head off about how awful all this is and it’s not going to change until we get Donald Trump back as president (he specifically says Trump), someone who is a “real leader.”

Yeah, Twitter had some feedback:


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