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Ivanka’s Tweet Honoring Shinzo Abe With Photo of Her Wearing a Mini Skirt and Bragging About Her ‘Government Service’ Has Twitter Up in Arms


As the world reacts to the assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, tweets and condolences are coming in from all over the globe. Donald Trump expressed his sadness in a statement on Friday on his Truth Social website. Trump called the news of his death “really BAD NEWS FOR THE WORLD!”

“His killer was captured and will hopefully be dealt with swiftly and harshly,” Trump wrote on his social media platform.

Trump, who shared a warm relationship with the former conservative Japanese leader, called Abe “a unifier like no other” and wrote that he was a man who loved and cherished his “magnificent country” more than anything else.

He shared that only a few people know how “great man and leader Abe was” but that history will teach them and be kind.

“Shinzo Abe will be greatly missed. There will never be another like him,” Trump added.

Ivanka Trump also posted a tweet about Abe and wrote:

“Saddened by the death of Former PM Shinzo Abe, a truly historic figure & leader of lasting consequence. Abe’s advice, wisdom & warmth had a profound impact on me during my government service. My heart is with his family & the Japanese people as the world mourns his passing.”

She also posted on Instagram. It’s still rather jarring to see these photos, as Ivanka Trump never belonged in the White House. She had zero experience, and was only there because of her father.

Twitter really reacted harshly to her tweet, especially her choice of clothing, and just hammered her for the fact that she never belonged in the White House to begin with.

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