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Leaked Audio of Bannon Saying Trump Will Declare Victory Even if He Loses, ‘I Won, I’m King, Where’s Hunter?


Somehow, Mother Jones obtained audio of a phone call made between Steve Bannon and… someone, made the day before the November 3rd election in 2020.

In the phone call, Bannon stated that Trump was going to declare victory on Election Night, and would declare victory no matter what, even if he lost. If Biden was winning on election night (Which, by 3:00 a.m., Biden was looking to be the ultimate winner) Trump was going to say that it was obviously stolen and that he was having the attorney general immediately look into the matter.

It is a stunning conversation despite the fact that Trump didn’t actually declare victory on election night. The call serves a deeper purpose. It makes very clear that the people around Trump (and by that point, Bannon was back in the fold, obviously), the “crazies” as we heard them called today, knew that under no circumstances was Trump ever going to concede to Joe Biden. And Trump has still not conceded. Indeed, claiming that elections are rigged is the new thing and being done within Republican primaries. Kari Lake of Arizona accused her opponent of rigging the vote already, even though the primary hasn’t been held. It is a necessary component in killing off a democracy, having a critical portion of citizens that don’t see elections as legitimate and, frankly – just like Trump, don’t care even if they are. They believe they’re entitled to power.

Election night, the Trump camp didn’t look very happy and seemed to know Trump lost.

The other stunning thing about Bannon’s phone call is his prediction for a new Trump term. Given that Trump would never have to “face the voters again, which doesn’t mean Trump would peacefully step aside in four years, Trump was going to “go crazy” and do whatever he wanted. He had already lasted through a crime-filled first term, he had no limits.

We dodged a bullet by a hair.

Yes, our democracy is very very much still in danger, but it would’ve been over had Trump managed to retain office. Listen to this call, everyone on Twitter is talking about the content:


A White House photo taken election night Nov. 3, 2020, and published exclusively in ABC Chief Washington Correspondent Jonathan Karl’s book, “Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show.”


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