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Twitter ROLLING Over Video of a Very Heavy Trump Stopping to Listen to His ‘Fans’ Beg Him to ‘Save Our Country’


Caveat again.

We cannot tolerate fat shaming even though, yes, Trump is the first to shame anything about a person’s looks, it’s not the type of thing to which we’ll descend. We damn sure will pay attention to Trump’s health. The guy who talks about running again in 2024 is only a few years behind Biden and seems energized only by rage, revenge, terror, probably lust, and maybe some stuff the pharmacists keep locked up before dispensing. That’s a rumor. No proof. Regardless, he seems to just continue to put on weight. The non-suit alternative attire, the golf pants, and a white collared shirt (with “President Trump” adorning the chest with a presidential seal) are the means by which one can gauge whether he’s putting on or taking off weight. (He can take it off fairly fast and we’ve noted when he has). He is still putting it on, big.

But it seems that the old boy can also be geared up and juiced to get around to hear how much his cult adores him. Trump so appreciates hearing that he is loved that he will even stop and point to the commoner calling out how much he loves Trump. Trump has to point, and the normal person has to shout because the normal person appears to be barricaded (“roped”) out of Trump’s path.

Looks like Trump might be getting three scoops of ice cream now.

To be sure, there is no visible barrier seen in the video. And yet, there must be some barrier because the man would otherwise be down on the sidewalk “speaking” to Trump or making his way to speak to Trump about loving him. Trump wouldn’t have to stop to point. But Trump probably figures that pointing at the MAGA will make a MAGAs life complete (likely true) and so Trump lowered humbled himself to point to the man that, yes – Trump heard that he was loved. Trump needs the adulation. Adults don’t.

Wow. That’s a big guy, and one can tell even from that far away. The common MAGA is kept well distanced. To get within arm’s reach costs $2500 nowadays.

Twitter had some fun with this one:


[email protected], @JasonMiciak, with Nicole Hickman

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