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Trump’s New York Lawyer Screamed That NY AG Letitia James is a ‘Black B*tch’


Alina Habba is purportedly Donald Trump’s busiest lawyer. But in all likelihood, she’s likely to become much busier because she now stands accused of “racist” office behavior by a former employee, and this allegedly includes shouting “I hate that Black b*tch!” in reference to New York Attorney General Letitia James after losing a court case, Insider reports.

But that’s not even the half of it. Habba, who’s based in New Jersey, can also be heard on tape firing off the N-word while ranting along to gangsta rap being blasted in her New Bedminster law offices. That’s according to the lawyer who filed a lawsuit filed this week in Middlesex County, New Jersey.

And apparently, the audiotapes are duets — featuring Habba’s law partner Michael Madaio also rapping right along. The tapes may become public as part of her client’s lawsuit, said Jacqueline Tillman, a Princeton lawyer representing Na’Syia Drayton, Habba’s former employee.

“We are contemplating amending the complaint and adding one or two of the recordings as exhibits,” Tillman said in an interview Thursday with Insider. “

Habba allegedly uttered the “Black b*tch” slur two months ago while she was representing Trump during combative, high-stakes litigation in connection with James’s investigation into the Trump Organization.

Alina Habba doesn’t sound like a very nice person, and she’s racist as well.

Habba herself is Arab-American while her partner Madaio is white. Their law firm, Habba Madaio & Associates is in the same swanky New Jersey town as Trump’s National Golf Club.

James is African-American as is Drayton, 27, who lives in Fords, New Jersey. In her lawsuit, Drayton contends she was racially harassed and discriminated against. She’s seeking an unspecified amount of back pay, as well as lost future wages and other damages.

“When defendant Alina Habba learned that she lost her matter,” the complaint says in reference to an unspecified court loss to James earlier this year, “and that the judge rejected her legal argument, Defendant Alina Habba emerged irate from her office, (where she and Defendant Michael Madaio were meeting) amd shouted, “I HATE THAT BLACK B*TCH!” according to the lawsuit.

“Thereafter, Defendant Alina Habba began parading around the office seething about the judge, and complaining that she had lost her argument,” per the lawsuit. This made Drayton feel “appalled” and “astonished.”

“Na’Syia was shocked that her supervisor would say that, and feel comfortable saying that around her,” Tillman said.

But in this case, racism accusations have gone both ways. At the same time when Habba was storming around her office last April, her infamous client Donald Trump twice accused James of being racist, including a weird “Happy Easter” post wherein Trump provided no context for why he called James a racist.

Trump should be very nervous…Tish James isn’t going to stop until she gets can indictment.

Are you really surprised?

Trump rarely provides context for anything he says, including all of his complaints about the “fake news media.” He’s tried to attack President Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities when he has little reason to do so and continually spread misinformation whenever he’s had the opportunity. An attempt at demeaning James — even in one as clumsy as this attempt — is entirely typical of Trump.

So perhaps Habba and Trump deserve each other.

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