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Americans Disgusted by Pickup Truck With ‘Art’ of Joe Biden Tied Up and Being Kidnapped on Tailgate


I don’t even know what to say. I have always said that Donald Trump knows no bottom. And now I think it’s fair to say that his supporters are the same way. And I hope this particular supporter gets a visit from the Secret Service, and fast.

I was surfing on Reddit, as I often do when I am looking for fresh news. Those Redditors find stuff quicker than the news often does. Anyway, while looking around I found a picture and I couldn’t believe it was real. In fact, I will put a disclaimer here that I guess it could be photoshopped? I will keep looking for news on it and try to make sure it’s 100% real. But honestly, knowing the political culture right now, I am fairly certain it is real.

The photo was taken by the driver behind the Biden-decorated F-150, and looking at the EXIF data of the photo, it appears it was taken with an iPhone.

So, here it is. A California-plated F-150 with “art” on the tailgate. That art shows President Joe Biden tied up as if he’s being kidnapped. Nice, huh?

The people on Reddit were disgusted. One user said, “Man, people go to some lengths. What would possess someone to spend money to parade around their political beliefs?”

Another wrote, “Imagine being so emotionally and intellectually small that hatred of a politician defines you and your life.”

Yet another wrote, “I’m amazed at how many people are willing to waist (sic) their time, their money, their lives in the name of Donald Trump…….it’s like they don’t know that they’re in an abusive relationship. They just keep opening their mouths and taking straight piss shots to the head……WOW”

There are hundreds of comments and it’s only growing. You would think Secret Service would be visiting this guy, but as one user wrote, “Secret service would send each other texts talking about how to help them, and then delete the texts to cover their tracks.”

Another made a similar comment, saying, “That’s a secret service agent’s truck.”

One final comment, which I think sums it up, “This is a sign of mental illness, it has to be”

Exactly. It’s one thing to buy a cheap “Let’s Go Brandon” t-shirt at a roadside stand and wear it with your Trump-loving buddies. But this? This is ridiculous. If politics has taken over your life to this extreme, seek help…PLEASE.

And this wasn’t originally posted in a political group, but a group about car modifications. So there are plenty of comments by Trump supporters, who also think it’s horrible. In fact, I don’t think I could find a comment that supported it. Some people said the art was good, but that’s it.

Here is the full post if you are interested:

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