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Trump, Tucker Carlson and Marjorie Taylor-Greene are INSUFFERABLE as Crowd Below Yells ‘Lets Go Brandon!’


If there is anything more symbolic as to how “unpatriotic” and not “America First” than the “Let’s Go Brandon” thing by the MAGAs, we’re unaware of it. Of course, the storming of the Capitol in an attempted coup was the most unpatriotic thing done, but we’re talking symbolism.

“Let’s go Brandon” means “F**k Joe Biden,” and the MAGAs are their typically “alpha male” selves (their use of the definition, certainly not ours) in aggressively using it. Every other ex-president of whom we’re aware has kept their mouths shut almost completely in the first two years after their term(s). Trump is still trying to rip the country apart, still trying to play half-president. And Trump plays president the way he plays everything, trying to destroy political opponents.

It is not enough to criticize Biden’s handling of certain situations or policies. No, they have to be adolescents about it. From Mediaite:

The chant became a commonly used MAGA phrase after a sports reporter misheard a crowd, thinking they were celebrating NASCAR driver Brandon Brown’s victory. Trump supporters have used the slogan as a way to criticize Biden vocally.

In a video posted to Twitter, chants broke out as the crowd spotted Trump, Carlson, Greene, Eric Trump, and Kimberly Guilfoyle as the group smiled and waved.

And this is how far the once “First Family” has descended:

Donald Trump Jr. also joined his father on the course Sunday, tweeting a video calling the tournament the “greatest F/U in the history of Golf!”

Yes! The “greatest” F/U in history was directed by Americans at the American president because those Americans are cultists, desperately wanting a fascist leadership.

Patriotic indeed. America First, for sure. High schools have student body governments that are more serious, democratic, and mature. The very fact that Marjorie Taylor-Greene is now a “respected government figure” and powerful says it all.


[email protected], @JasonMiciak, with Nicole Hickman

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