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Don Jr. Laughs at Biden’s 2nd COVID Bout, Seems He’s Done Mourning the Loss of His Mother


Is there something funny about testing positive for COVID, whether it is once, twice, or two dozen times? No. Obviously. But apparently, Don Jr. finds this utterly hilarious because he is laughing, “can’t make this up,” and then says that, of course, they wish him well because they’re good people.

Except, here is the thing. The entire reason that Don Jr. is able to laugh about it at all is that Joe Biden has followed the most recent medical protocols to a “T” and that is why most people didn’t even notice that he had COVID, given he made a video in the midst of it and looked better than Donald Trump did this past weekend. So Don Jr. is able to “laugh” because Biden doesn’t get sick.

This is, of course, juxtaposed with the entire Trump family, who seemed to all come down with COVID at once. Indeed, for a week, it seemed like the White House under Trump was Ground Zero COVID HQ USA. Additionally, his father kept his COVID diagnosis from others (Perhaps because he was afraid people would laugh? Like Junior); the secret made his father patient zero in an outbreak at the announcement ceremony for Justice Amy Coney-Barrett. Chris Christie almost died.

It appears Don Jr. is done grieving his mother who died last month.

But Junior finds this hilarious. You can’t make this up!

We know that the Trumps hate Biden but does that make it funny? And again, the whole reason Junior can laugh at it is that Biden bounces back so easily that there’s no fear that he’s about to get really ill.

Want to see how real decent people react when someone gets COVID? Look at what the Bidens wrote to Junior’s father and his wife when they got sick. And, just for kicks, we have Trump’s message to Biden, which is worse than Junior’s (but we already reported upon Trump’s sick statement:

The MAGA movement is about adolescents hating people who act maturely and make good policy for society.

Twitter went into a rage.


[email protected], @JasonMiciak, with Nicole Hickman

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